How It Works

For Property Owners

Register an account is simple and fast. All you need is an email, name and handphone number. You need to verify your email address before you can proceed to post a free ad.

You may post as many properties as you want. There is no limit. All you need is input property details and photo. Click submit and wait for AirBurb to approve the ad.

Click on “Sell with AirBurb” , fill in your name, email, handphone number and property name. Click submit. Airburb Personal will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.

After appointing AirBurb as your personal assistance. Any buyers will be redirected to you.

AirBurb appointed panel of lawyers will assist in the ownership transfer and transaction for the sale of the property.

Airburb personal assistant will ensure that the transfer of property will be a pleasant and easy experience for both owner and buyer.

For Buyers

Scan the QR code seen on the property banner. You will be re directed to the property with all the details and photograph

If you have decided to view the property . Click on “Buy with Airburb” for more rewards when you engage Airburb.

After you have clicked “Buy with AirBurb”, fill your details and submit. AirBurb personal will be in touch with you for assistance on acquiring the property. Find out from our assistance what rewards and benefits you will receive when you “Buy with AirBurb”

After you have finalized the decision to acquire the property, AirBurb will redirect you to the seller and our panel of lawyers for a safe and secure transaction/transfer

Airburb panel of lawyers are here to assist you. Enjoy peace of mind and great savings on legal fee when you purchase through our panel of lawyers.

Upon completion of transaction and transfer, you will receive your rewards together with AirBurb Limited edition Golf Umbrella